Study Abroad

Undergraduate Students Walk With Classmates In The Old City Of Jerusalem

Students are able to take advantage of Notre Dame’s robust study abroad programs while completing the music major. In the performance concentration, students may find a teacher in the abroad program, in consultation with their teacher and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. There is also the option of taking lessons via Zoom with the student’s primary teacher, to maintain pedagogical continuity.

Any course which a student plans to take in an abroad program and wishes to receive credit towards the major for, must be approved in advance by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Please note that many courses offered in different programs do not meet the requirements for the Notre Dame music major.

Lessons abroad

As soon as you are accepted to study abroad, you should begin to identify local procedures for acceptance into lessons. The faculty will recommend instructors whom you may contact for lessons abroad; however, you may also do your own research to find an instructor. It is ultimately your responsibility to set up the lesson arrangement. Your acceptance may be contingent upon an audition. Contact your chosen instructor for more information on the protocol for acceptance.

When you have chosen an instructor, compile the following in a well-organized document. Do not submit your request until you have all the information requested below. This will expedite your request and improve your chances of a positive response for course approval and funding.

  • Name of instructor and short biography (instructor's institutional affiliation, instrument, recent recitals, performances, recordings)
  • Contact hours for proposed lessons (typically one hour/week for 14 weeks; please explain if more or less time is requested)
  • Price for lessons
  • Repertoire and learning goals
  • Course number requested at Notre Dame
  • Grade: your instructor must give you a letter of assessment in a sealed envelope. It is your responsibility to send this envelope to the on-campus OIS staff member at Notre Dame who is in charge of the program where you are studying. OIS will ensure that grades are recorded.

When you have compiled all this information, send your request via email to:

  • The Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Music at ND
  • Your resident on-site director (if applicable) 
  •  The OIS program director or coordinator for your program at ND
  • The assistant/associate dean of your college

Funding for lesson fees abroad

The Department of Music will make every attempt to assist music majors with the cost of music lessons. As soon as possible prior to departure for study abroad, the student must see the DUS or Chair of Music regarding financial arrangements. In situations where the fee for lessons abroad exceeds the amount for those taken on the Notre Dame campus, we will make every effort also to cover the differential, at least in part. Once the student is abroad, he/she should re-contact us to confirm the financial arrangements. All departmental funding will be paid as a lump-sum reimbursement on the basis of receipts for lesson fees paid by the student and presented to the us when the student returns to the Notre Dame campus.

For International Music Department Faculty & Contact People:

Guidelines for processing students’ requests for Course Transfer Approval from abroad

1. Please generate your reply to the student in 5 working days.

2. Please send your response to the student, and cc:

  • The appropriate OIS program director or coordinator on-campus
  • The assistant/associate deans
  • The on-site program director (if applicable)

3. Make sure to include the following in your response:

  •  Course number
  •  Credits