Research and Creative Projects

Research and Creative Projects

Music students are involved in research and artistic projects on a variety of topics. Music majors may complete their degrees by undertaking an independent research project in the form of a senior thesis, a recital, or a composition. Occasionally, students may work with faculty members as research assistants.

2022 Senior projects in music

2021 Senior projects in music

Funding Resources

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) enables students to transcend the conventional boundaries of classroom learning and engage in hands-on research and creative projects. UROP gives students the opportunity to design all aspects of their projects, from identifying a research topic or creative goal to developing a persuasive narrative, reasonable timetable, and appropriate budget.

The Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement, or CUSE, guides Notre Dame undergraduates in the process of scholarly discernment and advises them on how best to identify or create opportunities for experiential learning, especially research, to secure University and external funding to support such opportunities, and to prepare competitive applications for national fellowships—all with the aim of transforming themselves and their communities in the pursuit of human flourishing and the common good.