Perform with passion. Study with rigor. Learn with discernment.  

Following Notre Dame’s rich liberal arts tradition, our Department combines different forms of music making with serious research that explores theories, histories, and cultures of music.

We promote excellence in musical performance, composition, and scholarship in a spirit of inclusion, bringing together students with various skills and diverse backgrounds to study and collaborate with our distinguished and dedicated faculty in first-rate facilities.

Grammy Awards spotlight Notre Dame music faculty

At the 66th Grammy Awards, two faculty members in the Department of Music will wait to hear if their project names are called

Violin Meets Sheng: A Transnational Sonic Encounter

On February 9, Loo Sze-wang, the preeminent sheng player in Hong Kong, and Patrick Yim, Notre Dame faculty violinist, perform an exciting program

Virtual Concert: Faculty Performances

Explore our collection of faculty performances