Juries and Recitals


Juries for undergraduate music majors are scheduled as follows:

Voice Student Performing In Labar Recital Hall

Freshman, sophomore and junior instrumental and voice juries will take place in O'Neill Hall in the spring, dates TBA. Sign-up sheets will be posted by the Department Office (502 O'Neill Hall) at the beginning of the spring semester.

Note: If you are planning to go abroad in the spring semester, you must complete a jury before you leave. Contact Professor Daniel Schlosberg and your faculty advisor immediately.

All performance majors must perform a jury or recital each year they are enrolled in the program. Students in the performance concentration will be notified after their sophomore jury about their status in the program. Qualified students will be invited to participate in the honors program.

Students are not required to give a jury during a semester in which a degree recital is presented; students giving a non-degree recital must still present a jury.

Juries normally last 10–15 minutes. The student should play selections from two to four different compositions and may be asked (when appropriate) to play scales and arpeggios. Repertoire requirements for voice juries are listed in the Undergraduate Voice Handbook.

Juries serve several important purposes. They give the faculty an opportunity to monitor the progress of the students. They also help faculty to advise students. Finally, there are specific achievement level requirements for each of the degree programs and it is through the juries that faculty determine whether they have been (or are likely to be) met. Although jury reports are confidential, your teacher will have access to them and can transmit to you the comments from the faculty on your performance to provide you with constructive criticism for future reference. Jury performances are also used to determine scholarship status.

If you have any questions about juries, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.


All students in the performance concentration must present one full-length recital (one hour) or two half-length recitals (30 minutes each) in their senior year. Honors students will perform two full-length recitals, one in junior year and one in senior year.

Further restrictions on repertoire, recital procedures, etc. may exist, and the student is required to work closely with his or her major teacher in the planning of the recital.

The student is required to plan ahead and submit his or her requested recital date by the deadline of October 1. For complete information on submitting such requests and other scheduling considerations see Degree Recital Scheduling Procedures. Students are also strongly encouraged to consider performing their recitals in the fall semester or early in the spring semester, as there is a concentration of degree recitals in April and early May. Recitals MUST be scheduled directly by emailing Publicity Coordinator Noelle Elliott.

Recitals will be recorded for departmental records. Students who wish to obtain a copy of their recital must contact the administrative assistant for music or the publicity coordinator, who will assist the student in making a copy of his/her recital.