Diversity and Inclusion

The Department of Music at University of Notre Dame seeks to embrace diversity, equity, and belonging as core values. 

We strive to conceive of diversity in the broadest terms, including gender identity and expression, sexuality, race, age, disability, culture, nationality, religious affiliation (or lack thereof), and economic situation. We are dedicated to advancing an artistic and intellectual climate where people with divergent aesthetics, ideas, and ways of being may converse freely with each other, and where those who have been historically excluded along vectors of difference feel welcome and safe. To this end, we encourage participation by all members of the department to cultivate a caring and supportive community bonded by mutual respect.

We firmly believe that these core values are essential parts of the creation, performance, and study of all musics, and we are committed to fostering an environment where all feel respected and heard. We also recognize that the realization of these values is, by necessity, a work in progress, one that requires ongoing changes in the making of and learning about music.

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