Video: Meet Arts and Letters Pre-Health Major Will Sievern

Author: Todd Boruff

“My long-term goal has been to go to med school, but I’ve also found a passion for music and piano performance here at Notre Dame, and the College of Arts and Letters pre-health supplementary major has really allowed me to explore both of those things,” says senior Will Sievern from Evansville, Indiana. Sievern is pursuing a major in piano performance while also majoring in Arts and Letters Pre-Health.

The Arts and Letters pre-health program combines a core curriculum of science courses with classes in humanities, social sciences, and the arts. A portion of the science coursework includes upper-level electives, which students can tailor to the requirements of any of the health professions’ graduate schools.

“Getting experience in the social sciences, a foreign language, philosophy, and theology, these are all things that make you a better person and that teach you how to think in more ways and approach problems in different ways,” says Sievern. “Those skills directly translate to being a physician, and to have such a broad education and such a large toolkit—I think that that’s incredibly valuable.”

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Originally published by Todd Boruff at on February 06, 2014.