Tricia and Taylor Bring Music to the K-4 Students of Perley Elementary School

Author: Noelle Elliott

Tricia and Taylor

On Feb 21, 2017, the violin-fiddle duo, Tricia & Taylor, (comprised of the University of Notre Dame's Violin and Viola Professor, Tricia Park and guest artist, Taylor Morris) visited Perley Elementary to share a special outreach program of music. In their program, Tricia & Taylor interacted directly with students, performing a range of music and musical styles, from classical works to folk and popular tunes. They also introduced the students to the violin and its mechanics as well as basic musical concepts like the canon, by leading them in singing 'Row, Row, Row You Boat' in a round, followed by a performance of a movement of a Telemann Canonic Sonata. 

This special performance culminated in a 'Dance Party' wherein Tricia & Taylor improvised and played music in all styles for the students, encouraging them to move and dance in accordance to the mood, tempo, melody, and character of the music they heard. 

Year-round, Professor Park leads the Notre Dame Fiddle Project and teaches her students at the University of Notre Dame to play in non-classical musical styles as well as learn the important musical skills of composition, arrangement, improvisation and collaborative work. Twice a year, Taylor Morris joins her on-campus to perform with her and teach. Tricia & Taylor also share a thriving performance schedule off-campus, traveling to teach and perform as a duo.

In partnership with Sean Martin and the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, this is the beginning of a series of planned visits to Perley by Tricia & Taylor that will target individual grade and age levels at the school.