Music Alumnus makes Guinness World Record

Author: Noelle Elliott

Noah Bongiovanni '22

Noah Bongiovanni '22 recently set the Guinness World Record for "most [musical] notes identified in 1 minute" at 57. Professor Daniel Schlosberg assisted, by playing notes on a piano from a randomized list as fast as he could while Bongiovanni was required to name them. Several Notre Dame students served as independent witnesses, including Laurynas Zavistanavicius '24, Emilia-Maria Bondarenko '23, and Emily Kane '23. Will Tiller '23, Christian Kay '24, and Brian Closkey '23 served as timekeepers.

"Noah consistently demonstrated exceptional musicianship skills as a student, so it's great to see this recognized on as public a platform as the GWR." Schlosberg said.

The Guinness World Record requires strict adherence to the rules and the submission of multiple pieces of evidence, including multi-angle video, slow-motion video, pictures, statements from each supporting participant, and evidence of their qualifications.

There is a 12-week waiting period after applying to attempt a record to receive approval as well as an additional 12 weeks after submitting evidence to get verified.

Congratulations, Noah!