Freshman starts Notre Dame Classical Music Club

Author: Noelle Elliott

Aileen Markovitz would like to encourage her peers to experience a new love for classical music.   Her first semester as a college student wasn't even half way completed when she started a classical music club.   I was able to ask her a few questions and get information for other students who may be interested in learning about different forms of classical music.  Aileen is a freshman vocal performance/math major from St. Louis, Missouri. If you are interested in joining the club, please contact Noelle Elliott. 
When did you start listening to Classical music?
I started listening to classical music in high school; once I started to study voice privately. St Louis has a fantastic arts scene, so I had lots of opportunities to attend performances and explore classical music. 
Why do you think it is important for people your age to attend various arts events.
Art is a language that cuts across all barriers and enhances cultural appreciation and awareness. It even allows us to see ourselves and our own community through a different lens, which is so important for people my age because we are at a point in our lives of incredible growth and change. Art is fundamental in understanding humanity, so is imperative to have exposure to it in such a formative part of our lives. 
Do you have a  favorite composer or type of event you like to attend?
I'm a huge opera fan, and my current favorite is Gershwin's Porgy and Bess. I love how opera combines history, storytelling, drama and incredible music into a single, powerful performance.
What is your hope with creating this club?
I want to create a network for people to explore their passion for classical music. I've met a lot of people who are interested in it, yet don't quite know what opportunities are available, or where to begin even. We want students to be able to freely access and explore classical music, and hopefully spark a lifelong interest in music.