Classical Music Club brings Joy Through Music at Retirement Community

Author: Noelle Elliott

In the Fall of 2015 vocal performance major,  Aileen Markovitz formed the Classical Music Club.  Initially, the mission was to augment an interest in classical music through guest speakers, attending performances on and off-campus and regular discussions over selected pieces of music.

In a little over a year, the club has grown to fifty members.  In addition to sharing an interest in classical music, the students wanted to share their love of music with others, this semester they are going to begin a club outreach recital program. 

The recitals will take place at The Holy Cross Village. The intention of  this, is to provide club members and music majors with opportunities to perform for those with little access to music.  This semester, the hour-long recitals will be on September 18, October 8, and December 3, all at 3:00 PM. 

"As someone who is passionate about both community service and music, I am very excited for this new endeavor, and I hope that many students will be willing to utilize their talents to serve others. I've performed in several retirement homes before, and it's always such a rewarding experience to be able to cause so much happiness with something I love so much. Through these monthly performances, I hope that my peers will feel the same way. " said, JoAnne Kim,  a sophomore piano performance and neuroscience & behavior major from Birmingham, Alabama and the co-president of the Classical Music Club. 

 This club is open to all majors and no experience in classical music is required.  Click here for more information.