Announcing: Performance Video Creation for Musicians on ND Canvas

Author: Noelle Elliott

Video Creation

In the midst of our digital landscape, the interplay between music and video offers artists an authentic way to engage with audiences. To bridge this gap, Notre Dame’s Office of Digital Learning, in collaboration with colleagues from the Department of Music, the Graduate Program in Sacred Music, and the Dept. of Film, Television, and Theatre, has developed "Performance Video Creation for Musicians" on ND Canvas.

The creation of this resource is the result of a collaborative effort between Stephen Lancaster, Bill Donaruma, and the outstanding team at ODL. They sought to design a digital platform for artists to refine their video production capabilities. After many meetings, careful planning, and video recording efforts – enhanced with audio production by Daniel Stein at O’Neill Hall of Music and Sacred Music – their vision culminated in this practical learning resource.

Resource Overview:

"Performance Video Creation for Musicians" is a meticulously crafted, self-paced learning tool tailored for the Notre Dame community. Although it doesn't offer course credit, its extensive content and user-friendly format are designed to empower artists. By enhancing their video recording and production skills, it allows them to further elevate their artistry.

Highlights from the Resource:

  • Performance Video Success Planner: Provides steps to strategically plan and execute video creations.
  • Customization Techniques: Details on adapting videos based on a target audience and budgetary limits. It also clarifies the distinction between crafting professional audition videos and more elaborate portfolio videos.
  • Recording Expertise: Offers guidelines on advanced recording methods to optimize audio and video outputs.
  • University Resources: Provides insights into leveraging Notre Dame's available resources for video production endeavors.
  • Lighting and Production: A guide on understanding the nuances of effective lighting and video production.

This resource aims to be an informative guide for individuals interested in blending music with visual mediums. Whether you're a budding musician or a seasoned performer, this resource can serve as your guide to the art of performance video creation.

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