Violinist Patrick Yim performs The Dialects


Location: LaBar Performance Hall (View on map )

Patrick Yim

In this multidisciplinary project, Yim and Yip examine Chinese heritage in Chinatowns in the USA through field recordings and other collected artifacts. The project includes a gallery display of scores, artifacts, and graphic scores combining traditional notation with Generative AI art, and culminates in a live performance of The Dialects (2023), a newly composed piece for violin and electronics. The solo violin program also includes John Liberatore's Strange, High Sky (2023) and Matthew Schreibeis' Fragile Remembrance (2023).

Solo Violin Program:
John Liberatore: Strange, High Sky (2023)

Matthew Schreibeis: Fragile Remembrance (2023)

Austin Yip: The Dialects (2023)


You can watch this performance live here.