Musical Theatre Minor


Students will have the ability to take classes that are aligned with their interests. This will be a 5 course 15 credit minor.  There will not be a set track for this Minor. The purpose of a non-track minor is to engage the student who has multiple interests in Musical Theatre. Some students will structure their program around singing and acting, but others around songwriting, or work as conductor/impresario, or stage directing, or scholarship, etc. Admission to introductory classes will not be based on performance ability.


This structure will offer classes for the performer and non-performer. Every student will be required to take the following.

  1. 3 credits Musical Theatre History

  2. 3 credits of course work in FTT

  3. 3 credits of course work in MUSIC

  4. 3 credits from either FTT or MUSIC, with the MT Minor Designation

  5. 3 credits for a CAPSTONE PROJECT



       FTT 30706: Musical Theatre History (required)

       FTT 30707: Musical Theatre Movement/Dance

       FTT 30708: Performance Techniques

       FTT 31018: Production and Performance

       FTT 40445: The Movie Musical

       FTT 40443: Disney in Film and Culture

       FTT 40020: Musical Theatre Lab


       MUS 40130: American Popular Song

       MUS 21341: Voice Lessons-Mus Theatre Minor

       MUS 10090: Theory for Non-Majors

       MUS 20001: Intro. To Harmony and Voice Leading

       MUS 20011: Musicianship I

       MUS 20012: Musicianship II

       MUS 30013: Musicianship III

       MUS 30451: Conducting I

       MUS 30211: Opera in Production

       MUS 30213: Opera Workshop

       MUS 40647: Vocal Pedagogy

       MUS 40646: Voice Science


Arts and Letters students should declare this minor no later than the fall semester of their junior year.  The interdisciplinary minor in Musical Theatre is available to all Notre Dame Students.


*Students may not double count (“cross count”) any MT Minor classes for other majors/minors and vice versa, including FTT and Music majors

*The MT Minor Capstone project cannot double count towards a thesis project for another minor/major

*Courses for variable credit can accumulate to count towards the 3 credits needed from FTT or MUSIC (Example: Voice Lessons count as 1 or 2 credits. If you take 3 semesters of 1-credit Voice Lessons, then that is equivalent to a 3-credit course in Music)

*No AP credit will be accepted as a substitute for courses in the MT Minor

*The Music Department will offer up to four (4) credits of Voice Lessons free of charge to students enrolled in the Musical Theatre Minor. Voice Lessons for MT Minors *pending approval by Head of Undergraduate Voice Studies.  Any Voice Lessons beyond this four-credit threshold are available for the standard per-semester fee. Please contact the Music Department for more details.




Contact Matt Hawkins, the Head of Musical Theatre, to make an appointment.