Liturgical Music Ministry Minor

Liturgical Music Ministry Minor (15 credits)

Note: For students pursuing the LMM minor, Theo 20401, “Church and Worship,” is recommended to fulfill the second Theology requirement in the Core Curriculum.

*The Music Department will offer up to two (2) credits of Eligible Music Lessons free of charge to students enrolled in the Liturgical Music Ministry Minor.   Any Lessons beyond this two-credit threshold are available for the standard per-semester fee. Please contact the Music Department and/or the LMMM Student Advisor for more details.

Administered through and situated in the Department of Theology

Student Advisor: Anthony Pagliarini 

This minor exists for students who want to be well-informed lay leaders in their congregations,

have a deeper understanding of the music they may play or sing as it unfolds within their own

prayer lives, and graduate with a stronger sense of the theological and historical meanings of

sacred repertory in its liturgical contexts.

I. Practica (3 credits)

A. at least one credit of voice (MUS 11340), organ (MUS 11301), piano (MUS 11300), or guitar (MUS 11350) lessons, offered through the Department of Music

B. at least one credit of participation in a liturgical choir in the Basilica. Must choose from ND

Folk Choir (Theo 30023); Liturgical Choir (Theo 30021); Women’s Liturgical Choir (Theo 30022); Collegium Musicum (MUS 10212).

C. One addition credit from either A or B

II. Music (6 credits)

3 Credits in music theory:

Either MUS 10090 (Music Theory for Non Majors, offered every Spring)

Or MUS 20001 (Music Theory 1; offered every Fall)

3 Credits in another music course directly related to liturgy, choosing from

MUS 10150, Introduction to the Music of the Catholic Rite (Frandsen)

MUS 10101, 1500-1800 (Music and the Christian Tradition, Frandsen)

MUS 43150 (Worship and Music in the USA, Fassler)*

MUS 40101 (Gregorian Chant, Jeffery)*

MUS 40457 (Hymnology, Jeffery)*

MUS 40150 (Music in Christian Thought, Jeffery)*

*These advanced MUS courses are only open to LMM minors who are also Music majors.

III. Theology (6 credits)

  1. 3 Credits from the following courses on Liturgical Theology and History:

Theo 20426 (Worship and the Arts, Fassler)

 Theo 20401 (Church and Worship, Radle, Driscoll)

Theo 40433 (Liturgy and the Female Body, Glibetic)

Theo 40402 (Feasts and Seasons, Johnson)

Theo 40405 (Mary and the Saints, Johnson)

Theo 40425 (Liturgical History, Johnson)

  1. 3 Credits from the following courses on Sacramental Theology:

Theo 20424 (Holy Communion and Disunity, Belcher)

Theo 20425 (Nuptial Mystery, O’Malley)

Theo 20412 (Christian Initiation and Eucharist, Johnson)

Theo 40403 (Catholic Sacraments, Fagerberg)

Theo 40404 (Liturgical Theology of the Roman Mass, Fagerberg)

Theo 40427 (Eucharistic Mystery, Fagerberg)

Theo 40431 (Marriage: Rituals and Theology, Radle)