Admissions and Scholarships

Guidelines for Submitting Recordings for Purposes of Admission

Applicants to Notre Dame, particularly those intending to major in music, may send the Admissions Office supplementary recorded material (specific instructions to follow) to be reviewed by faculty in the Department of Music. If musical performance forms a substantial part of your extracurricular activities and demonstrates a significant level of accomplishment reflecting the serious study of music over an extended number of years, we encourage you to make a submission. Prospective students must use the SlideRoom application available through the Common Application in order to send a recording. The University will only accept supplementary material using this method, and will not accept physical recordings (no CDs or DVDs).

Please note that an applicant must submit the Common Application before uploading media through the SlideRoom application. The Admissions Office will then direct the material to the Department of Music for review.

1. Choose works with which you feel comfortable, and which best demonstrate your level of skill on your instrument or voice.

2. Instrumental applicants:  Please submit 2 or 3 contrasting works representative of a variety of styles, periods, and tempos. You may select either short works or movements of longer works. It is not necessary to perform entire multi-movement works. 

3. Vocal music applicants:  

  • Applicants who wish to study voice at Notre Dame should submit at least 2 video or audio selections, but no more than 4 selections, total.   At least one musical selection should be in the "classical" style (i.e. English, German, French, or Italian art song, and/or beginning-level opera or oratorio aria). Other preferred styles are "Golden Age" musical theatre (non-belt) selections (i.e. Rodgers & Hart, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Porter, Kern, Lerner & Loewe, Gershwin, etc.). Please do not submit non-solo selections (i.e. singing within a choir). 
  • Applicants who wish to pursue the musical theatre minor should submit at least 2 video or audio selections, but no more than 4 selections, total. We strongly recommend that the submissions include at least one "Golden Age" musical theatre piece (see above for examples) and/or a current musical theatre selection (belt or "legit"). "Classical" repertoire is also welcome.

4. Ten to twenty minutes of music would be optimal.

5. The quality of a recording is often a factor in evaluating a performance. Please use high-quality recording devices—video or audio.

6. The audition recording should be attached via SlideRoom to your electronic application to the Admissions Office as part of the Common Application (see instructions above).

Merit Scholarship Consideration

Only students who intend to major in music may apply for a merit scholarship.

Please send a cover letter requesting scholarship consideration and a resumé of musical activities to:

Music Scholarship Committee 
502 O'Neill Hall of Music
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Your recording uploaded through SlideRoom as a supplement to the Common Application (see instructions above) will also serve as part of your scholarship application.

Scholarship materials must be received no later than January 1, 2018.