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Thanks to the Efforts of ND Musicologist, Buxtehude Collected Works Edition Now Complete

Author: Noelle Elliott

With the appearance in March 2018 of Volumes 12 and 13 of The Collected Works of Dieterich Buxtehude, edited by Dr. Paul Walker of the Notre Dame Department of Music, the nearly 100-year project to present the composer’s complete œuvre in scholarly editions has finally reached its goal. It was a special challenge and distinction for Walker to edit these last two volumes because they include many of the composer’s largest works, in both length and size of performing forces. Volume 12 in particular, the largest of the entire set, includes only six pieces but would take nearly an hour and a half to perform in its entirety. Volume 13, while less extensive, encompasses many more pieces, including the only Buxtehude work for six voice parts, all of the composer’s occasional works (for weddings or funerals), and some puzzle canons. A project that began in Germany between the World Wars now finally crosses the finish line in 21st-century America due to Walker’s expertise as a leading scholar on 17th-century music.…

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