Guest Lecture with Robert Morris


Location: Crowley 122 (View on map )

This Friday (3/31) at 5:00pm in room 122, I would like to invite you to a lecture with Robert Morris, the distinguished composer, theorist, musicologist, polyhistor, and long-time professor at the Eastman School of Music.  

Professor Morris (Bob) will discuss his recent music, as well as his general insight into composition and aesthetics.  Reviewing Bob's recent book, The Whistling Blackbird, theorist Joshua Mailman wrote: 

"What other book can discuss Cage, Babbitt, pitch-class set theory, Buddhist philosophies of time, South Indian (Carnatic) music, atonal jazz, music and poetry, Platonism, Whitehead, music for the outdoors, and so on?"  I would add to this: what other composer could blend these many interests and influences into one cohesive body of work?

Free event.