Location: Leighton Concert Hall

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Pianists Ryan MacEvoy McCullough and Andrew Zhou comprise HereNowHear, an ensemble inspired by compositional experimentation and a digitally autonomous (re)build-it-yourself spirit. The program will consist of Stockhausen’s epic MANTRA, along with John Liberatore’s "Sedgeflowers." 

Stockhausen's MANTRA is a monumental work of mid-century modernism, and one of the first, most significant pieces for piano and live electronics.  Live electronic processing (ring modulation) halos the sound of the two pianos, evoking an otherworldly soundscape that is at times luminous, shocking, and beautifully strange.

Notre Dame Faculty composer John Liberatore wrote "Sedgeflowers" as a companion piece for the ensemble, at times reflecting on Stockhausen's work, but largely casting it in relief.  "Sedgeflowers," for two amplified pianos begins with a small, single-note kernel and blossoms into a raucous showpiece that demonstrates the astounding virtuosity of the work's dedicatees.  

"Sedgeflowers" was commissioned by the Fromm Foundation of Harvard University.  This event is made possible with support of the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA) at Notre Dame and the Henkels conference support fund.

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