Summer Study Scholarship

Overhead Photo Of A Student Playing The Piano While Composing Music

The Boehnen Scholarship for Summer Study in Music encourages music majors to enrich their musical education through participation in music festivals, university summer sessions, or other appropriate summer music programs to supplement (but not substitute for) their rigorous, comprehensive curriculum in music and, as is often the case, in another major.

The Boehnen Scholarship helps defray the cost of summer study, which allows our majors to focus exclusively on music for a significant span of time. This provides opportunities to develop relationships with teachers at schools they may wish to attend for graduate study, and to gain the benefits of studying among a cohort of students who share their artistic aspirations.

Awards typically range from $1,000 to $2,000 but may be higher depending on the funds available, the number of meritorious applicants, and the costs of the programs under consideration.