Solera Quartet Performs to Rave Reviews at the Virginia Arts Festival

Author: Noelle Elliott

Solera, Notre Dame's quartet-in-resdince performed at the Virginia Arts Festival in June and recieved a fantastic review in The Virginia Gazzett.


The Virginia Arts Festival's only classically oriented options in this year's Festival Williamsburg were two performances, Thursday and Friday, featuring the Solera String Quartet, the quartet-in-residence at the University of Notre Dame.

The Coffee Concerts, held at the Williamsburg Winery, are a popular draw and this year's events held true to form.Individually and collectively, the Solera's members are movers and shakers in major musical venues around the world, fully committed to expanding awareness and appreciation of music and musical styles, especially in community-based endeavors.

Only about a year old, the New York-based ensemble, displayed a sense of musical cohesion and interpretive understanding usually found in groups of longer, more established tenure.It was an impressive hearing of top notch, intense playing that reflected the group's notable skills.The members (Tricia Park and Miki-Sophia Cloud, violin; Molly Carr, viola; Andrew Janss, cello) brought to the fare stylish presentations, carefully crafted interpretations, and abundant technique and flair--a brilliant physical and musical display of abundant youthful enthusiasm and talent.

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